On the way home!

The Canadian Police found the truck about 125 miles NW of Grand Forks, BC (where we were staying Thursday night, and where it was stolen from early Friday morning.  The RCMP did not release the truck as a crime scene until Tuesday.

We rented a car and went to the Ford dealership in Kelowna where it had been released.

The thief (or thieves) stole everything of value: ramps, tools, tie-downs, ALL OF MY SNACKS, dress clothing on a hanger that was intended for the final night celebration in Portland…everything of any value in the truck was stolen, except for spare tires for my scooter.

The damage to the truck is pitiful: a hole was punched in the driver’s door that somehow allowed the door to be unlocked; two holes were punched in the leather, middle front seat; and lastly, the ignition switched was punched out.  The vandalism damage could have been much worse!

The truck is drivable…no mechanical problems.

On Wednesday, we decided that it would be impractical to try to catch up with the rally in Lake Placid, NY, ~2700 miles to the east, so that I might be able to run the final day. Given that, Bill, Jr. made airline reservations from Boise, Idaho back to Virgina, and we drove there yesterday, and he is back home with his girls.

This morning, I left Boise, heading east, and I got as far as Rock Springs, Wyoming (~500 miles).  Tomorrow, I will do more of the same.

The truck is much lighter now, and all my goodies are gone!

Thanks for your comments…I found it difficult to concentrate with this nonsense.



About Bill

Started this BLOG to provide information about the Scooter Cannonball Rally progress that will start on September 9th, 2010
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3 Responses to On the way home!

  1. Sue D'Arblay says:

    Bill I am so sorry about this awful experience for you. I have been following the whole Cannonball ride from the beginning (and fantasizing for 2012…)

    I can’t imagine how disappointed, angry, hurt, pissed off, etc etc you must be feeling, after all the planning, prep, excitement, and then to have it taken away like that!

    Glad the truck was found, and hope the thieves experience their rightful consequences. I am really wondering what YOUR SNACKS were!!!

    Take care, Tupelosue! (nor.cal)

  2. Arielle, Larry & Ben Bond says:

    What about your SNACKS? Only kidding – Hang in there and we’ll see you soon.

  3. Arielle, Larry & Ben Bond says:

    And now the good news – there’s always NEXT YEAR! Here’s to the 2011 Scooter Cannonball Rally……………….

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