The F350 has been stolen

The 2010 Rally has left Grand Forks, BC without us a little while ago.

Sometime early this morning between 2:00 AM (Starr went to the truck for oil) and 6:30 AM (I went to where the truck had been for clothing) someone stole my truck.  We have filed a police report with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police earlier, and we are trying to rationalize a solution to this dilemma.

Finishing the rally is out of the question, now.  We will stay in this hotel at least until tomorrow, and hope to have thought through a solution by then.

To say that we are disappointed is an outrageous understatement.  Our concern, obviously, is to develop a recovery plan to get ourselves, my scooter, and the stuff we took to the hotel room last night, back to our respective homes.

Will write again, when I can say something meaningful.

Thanks to all of you have followed us for this brief sojourn, and your thoughtful comments.



About Bill

Started this BLOG to provide information about the Scooter Cannonball Rally progress that will start on September 9th, 2010
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11 Responses to The F350 has been stolen

  1. Eileen says:

    you have brought tears to my eyes…..I am soooooo sorry for this unspeakable act of injustice….

  2. Bill says:

    Hey Eileen…thanks for the thought. No word from police here, or insurance. Bill and I are still in limbo…bad scene. Really bad!


  3. Guy says:

    Man, I wish I could just jump in my truck, drive to Canada and drive you home.

    My prayers are with you guys. This just sucks. I hope you can ride again soon.

  4. Arielle, Larry & Ben Bond says:

    Our hearts ache for your “challenges”! We are praying for you & your son. We’ll be calling Donna and checking up on her, as well. Take it easy, stay calm and be safe.

  5. Arielle, Larry & Ben Bond says:

    Shame, shame on the lousy person who helped “themself” to your truck.
    Hang in there, Bill! We feel so bad about this development.

  6. Guy says:

    I am sending people here to see if they can help you. I didn’t have any other way to have other riders offer whatever they can.

  7. papafern says:

    nooooooooo. this is horrible. i feel horrible and i cant even imagine how horrible u must feel. i dont know how i can help but if u need me to do anything like calling someone or sending emails or i dont know what i can do to help but if there is anything let me know and i will try to help. good luck

  8. papafern says:

    the only thing i can think of that could make u feel better is to help u in ur goal with the dogs. so i will put that in my blog and ask people to contribute money to the cause. i need a link where people can go and donate money.

  9. cluinetti says:

    Hi Bill & Bill from Charlie in Nashville. I just got word about the cause and Rally yesterday from my parents and decided to monitor your trip. There is nothing to say that will remedy the untoward situation caused by the inconsiderate actions inflicted upon you. I wish you all a speedy recovery and safe trip. Maybe they will apprehend the person(s) and we can post their photos for all to see.

  10. Catherine Young says:

    Hopefully your truck gets returned to you soon. My sympathies in the meantime for your trying & frustrating time. At least you will have a great story to tell. All the really frustrating and annoying challenges in life make great stories later on – *much* later on.

  11. Jo-Ann says:

    I am so sorry to hear of this horrible ordeal that you have been faced with. What a shame, you were out doing something really great for the benefit of others and some **&^%$# jerk did this to you two. I feel your frustration. I hope that the truck found was yours and that you are able to get it back soon and not much damage has been done to it.

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