It’s still stolen!

We pretty much sat on our respective butts all day, disappointingly as all of the SCR riders left this morning.  About midday, I met an RCMP constable in the motel parking lot, and he said that they may have found the truck in some outpost 150 miles north of here…he did think that the vehicle had TN plates, but that it was now a crime scene, and the local law was waiting to see if anyone showed up, and that they may be able to put me and Bill on a Greyhound bus up to this outpost.

All of that fizzled out, and we (me and Bill) have taken turns with cussing (me) and demonstrations of faith (Bill, the younger).  I know that all of you have used up your “green stamps in prayer” for us, and we are still hoping for a meaningful (I want my TRUCK) resolution.

Thanks to everyone.  BTW, this place is so beautiful…sort of makes the human condition (recently witnessed) so incredibly pathetic and grandiose, all at the same time.  Go figure…I may go take some pictures, while I wait for the RCMP.



About Bill

Started this BLOG to provide information about the Scooter Cannonball Rally progress that will start on September 9th, 2010
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3 Responses to It’s still stolen!

  1. Catherine Young says:

    Wow! What will happen next? 😦 I hope your truck is in good condition, just fine, and waiting faithfully for you.

  2. Catherine Young says:

    And I’m so glad for you they found it, at least.

  3. Guy says:

    Well, I guess the prayer request helped. Great to hear! Let’s hope it really is your truck and they didn’t violate your baby too bad and you can get back on with you life. You could even pull a double day and catch up!!


    Deacon Guy

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