Vancouver, British Columbia

IT IS HERE…we have made it. I found my son, my driver, in the SEA-TAC airport complex!

I stayed “close by” last night (Ellensburg, WA) so I would not have to worry too much about traffic, and it was a nice journey (118 miles), even though I kept thinking, “Boy, I’m glad this isn’t snow…I’d never get up this mountain.” (Snoqualmie Pass). It was raining, heavily, but, the traffic kept trucking. Near SEA-TAC, I had to ignore Mr GARMIN again…and we had developed such a “strong bond” since St. Louis…when it kept prompting me to, “Turn here, please,” and then, “TURN HERE, NOW!”

Anyway, I made it to SEA-TAC (Seattle-Tacoma Airport) in rush hour traffic, only to discover (a wee bit late) that the clearance into the parking area for arrivals was 6′-8″. Neither good or bad news in and of itself…the roof of my truck was only 6′-6″ but, the visor on my scooter, as it turned out, topped out at 7′-0″. I removed the visor when I got to the roof of the parking garage, well ahead of Bill, Jr’s arrival time, and knowledgeable people have told me that those scratches may “buff out.”

We have Starr with us now (she is from Raleigh, NC, and is the owner of the other machine in the back of my truck with a height less than the cab…so no problem there!).  Anyway, another two, uneventful hours in the north-bound, early rush hour traffic out of Seattle, and we presented ourselves, and equipment, to a very pleasant fellow at the customs control point into Canada.  He wanted none of our cookies, and we were on our way again.

And finally, in another half-hour we were here…281 miles today, and 2913 miles since Dayton. It is good to see Bill, Jr. again. It has been a while.

More tomorrow…it is an easy day. I have to crash with my son, buff my windshield, and get gas.



About Bill

Started this BLOG to provide information about the Scooter Cannonball Rally progress that will start on September 9th, 2010
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3 Responses to Vancouver, British Columbia

  1. Arielle, Larry & Ben Bond says:

    Sorry to hear about the windshield – that’s a bummer!

  2. Eileen says:

    Trying to see if all this can be printed….your great grandkids will get a hoot from it.

  3. Guy says:

    Those scratches come out pretty easy. Start with sand paper to get rid of the big nasty scratches and make everything even, then move to like 300 or 600 grit sand paper and then decide if you need to polish the area or if the textured “edge” is fine or are you in the “polished” clear area of the face or rear of the windscreen. If you are in the clear area you need to get a set of Novus polishes. Just get a set of Novus 1, 2, & & 3 and step thru then from 3 down to 1. You can get these at Tap Plastic, any plastic or auto body paint supply shop, many very good motorcycle shop (my local BMW dealer sells them) or online. They are 5-10, about 20 for the set.

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